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Why wax?

Waxing is a quick, easy way to get rid of unwanted facial hair without causing ingrown hairs or irritation. Unlike shaving, which only removes the visible hairs, waxing removes the hairs from the root. This results in a long-lasting, smooth feeling.

Waxing procedures


Eyebrow Waxing

Tweezing can be time consuming and painful, all for the hair to grow back within days. Eyebrow waxing prevents over-plucking and helps define the eyebrow shape.

Lip Waxing

Both the upper and lower lips are common places to grow hair. Lip waxing is a quick and effective way to get rid of any unwanted hair.

Cheek Waxing

The hair on the cheeks usually grows in pretty light. However, this makes it even more difficult to remove by conventional methods. Facial waxing is the best way to get rid of unwanted peach fuzz.

Chin Waxing

It is not uncommon to grow hair on the chin. Moreover, this area can be very sensitive, therefore making it a pain to try and pluck. Waxing is an effective way to avoid pain when ridding yourself of unwanted chin hair.

Waxing FAQ

Is it OK to wax my facial hair?

Waxing is a popular form of facial hair removal for both men and women. This type of hair removal is preferable because it removes the hair right at the root, rather than simply chopping off the tip of the hair.

Is the procedure painful?

Unless you have sensitive skin and are prone to peeling, waxing is completely skin-safe. It is not recommended to wax if you are on any medication that weakens your skin, like accutane, for example. Since the waxing procedure is simply yanking the hair out, some pain is to be expected, but it is short lived and the results are instant.

Will my hair grow back thicker?

We have all heard this one. If you go get waxed, your hair will only grow back thicker and quicker, right? Actually, the hair tends to grow back the same. In fact, hairs after shaving with a traditional razor will have a tapered structure, giving them a thicker appearance when the hair grows back in. Moreover, many waxing clients note that they often experience less regrowth than before.

How long do the results last?

Unlike shaving, where results will only last for a few days, waxing can last up to eight weeks. Depending on the rate of your hair growth, you can expect about two to eight weeks before you’ll need to get waxed again. Since the hairs are removed at the root, it will take much longer for your hair to grow back as opposed to with a normal shaving routine.

Are there any side effects?

When the wax is removed, the skin around may seem a bit irritated and red. For some, this effect goes away within minutes, while others may have redness for a few hours. To soothe irritation, some aloe gel may be beneficial, though the redness will go away naturally with time.

What is "double-dipping?"

This is a huge no-no in the waxing world. Double dipping is the practice of reusing the same waxing stick multiple times. The issue with this, however, is the introduction of bacteria from the stick into the rest of the wax. At Sapphire Beauty Lounge, we take pride in our sanitary and safe environment, so you can rest assured that we will never double dip.

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