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Permanent Eyeliner

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What is Permanent Eyeliner?

Also known as an eyeliner tattoo, permanent eyeliner is a treatment which replaces the need to put on eyeliner daily. The process involves using a tattooing technique to apply ink along the lash line in order to give the effect of eyeliner. This technique can create a variety of effects from thin, modest lines to winged eyeliner.

Benefits of Permanent Eyeliner



Eliminate the need to put on eyeliner every day. Instead, you can have flawless, no-maintenance glam every single day.

No Eyelashes Required

If you suffer from sparse or no hair, this eye augmentation is perfect for you. Since the technique doesn't require any existing hair, it is preferable to eyelash extensions or a lash lift.

Enhances Eye Shape

Your provider will go over the shape and color with you so that you know exactly what you're getting. We will help you pick a style that suits you and properly enhances your eyes.

Get It & Forget It

This process is pretty straightforward and the results will last you up to five years!

Permanent Eyeliner FAQ

What should I know before getting this done?

It is advised to discontinue the use of any blood thinners before your appointment to ensure that the tattooing and healing processes are not hindered. Slight swelling is also to be expected after the initial appointment, but this will usually fade within the first 72 hours. Other, less-common, side effects include bruising, bleeding, or itching around the application site. Also, it may be recommended to meet with your dermatologist prior to your appointment to ensure that the dye will not give you any allergic reactions.

Is the procedure painful?

The process is kept mostly pain-free due to the topical numbing cream that can be applied before the procedure. The procedure is completely safe for your eyes and skin, although some pain is to be expected along with any semi-permanent tattoo.

What does the healing process look like?

As far as aftercare goes, permanent eyeliner is very similar to a new tattoo. Your body will naturally heal from this type of procedure within a couple of weeks. For the first few weeks after the procedure, it is recommended to keep your hands away from your face, wear sunglasses to protect the pigment, and use only gentle products on the area. It may also be recommended to replace any old products that may still be harboring bacteria which could lead to an infection if in contact with the injection site.

Why is permanent eyeliner so popular?

Permanent eyeliner is a quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive alternative to liquid eyeliner. This procedure eliminates the hassle of applying eye makeup every day while adding a effortless, youthful glimmer to your look.

Why do our customers LOVE Sapphire Beauty Lounge?

Our friendly and knowledgable providers will be with you every step of the way in your permanent makeup journey. Whether you want to improve the shape of your brows or you want to make your lips pop just a little bit more, we have the tools to get you taken care of.

At Sapphire Beauty Lounge, we know that every customer has a unique set of needs and wishes. It is our job as a permanent makeup salon to fulfill those wishes and give you the exact look that you desire. We want you to feel heard in the process, and we take pride in rejecting the assembly-line approach. Since every customer is different, we want you to feel that the process has been tailor made to meet your needs.

We take pride in our permanent makeup finesse, and we trust that our customer testimonials speak for themselves. We truly want nothing more than for you to feel confident in your skin. As the finest permanent makeup salon in Colorado, we think that we have the exact tools to help you do just that!

Words can only say so much about the excellent experience that comes with any visit to Sapphire Beauty Lounge. Come in today to find out exactly why Sapphire is the top choice for permanent makeup in Colorado.